Want to Torch Calories and Build Endurance, Heroes Manor? Enroll in the AMP-IT Training Session!

January 15, 2016

If your current workout routine isn’t producing the results that you’re looking for, then amp things up with an AMP-IT session — and become certified to lead your unit in AMP-IT yourself! This fun and unique workout/training session is held at the MCCS pools just minutes from Heroes Manor, and it is open to all active and former Marines.

By combining high-intensity exercises with the friction of the water, you’ll get a complete cardiovascular and strength-based workout that will produce fast results. After studies found that more than 5,000 Marines suffered from muscular and skeletal issues, this beneficial workout was developed to target these specific problems. These scientifically proven exercises are entirely non-weight-bearing because they are done in the water, which makes them great for individuals with injuries.

AMP-IT Training Session
Noon to 4 p.m. Jan 28-29
MCAS New River
Camp Lejeune, Area 2 Pool
(910) 449-4309

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